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La Cantina Chophouse - Italian Village Restaurants - Executive Chef Joshua Downing

Tuesday, July 22 - 7:00-9:00pm

$24 per seat

Only 34 seats left

Location: 2121 N. Clybourn Ave


- Homemade duck prosciutto - melon, basil, balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil finished with homemade ricotta cheese
- Roasted pork belly agro dolce - slow roasted belly basted with Italian sweet and sour glaze, pineapple and bell pepper agro dolce
- Italian seafood salad - octopus, calamari, shrimp marinated in mild giardinera with olive oil and lemon 
- Frappe - sweet Italian fried pastry served with a warm raisin-port sauce




About the restaurant:

The history on the walls here at the Italian Village reflects the day-to-day life of our family, starting in 1927 when Alfredo Capitanini opened his restaurant, a restaurant that would one day be the oldest continuously operating Italian restaurant in Chicago. He opened with a simple philosophy in mind: Make good, simple food, serve it in ample portions and offer it with warm Italian courtesy.

Through years of patience and hard work, Alfredo and his wife, Ada, built the restaurant into a landmark in the heart of the Loop. In time, their children, Ave, Frank and Ray grew into the business and each made unique contributions to continue to make The Italian Village grow and prosper, pouring their love of family and Chicago into the restaurant, our customers and the future. That future came with yet another generation of Capitaninis going to work, including Frank, Jr., Gina, Lisa and Alfredo (Al). 

Again, new generations brought new ideas to the table, and The Italian Village expanded to include our more adventurous side at Vivere, high-quality meat and seafood at La Cantina, and our classic menu, ambience and service at The Village.

Throughout our 85 years in business, we’ve been about family, value and hospitality, in that order. Alfredo and Ada knew early on that if you treat everyone that walks in the door like family, the value and the hospitality would happen automatically. They instilled this in their children, their extended family and in the hundreds and hundreds of Italian Village employees who have played crucial parts in our continued success.


About the Chef:

Chef Joshua has over 12 years of Chef experience and began his career at La Giarra Restaurant in St. Charles Illinois. He has held positions as Pantry and Line Cook, Banquet Chef, Pastry Chef, Sous Chef and Executive Chef. Joshua was last at Geneva Ale House as Executive Chef before taking over at La Cantina Chophouse inside the Italian Village complex.

His cooking philosophy consists of fresh seasonal ingredients. Summertime is great with fresh produce harvested from our rooftop garden at the restaurant including Beefsteak tomatoes, Arugula and many fresh herbs, which we feature on our menus. With autumn approaching Chef Joshua enjoys utilizing mushrooms and slow roasting stews like Ossobuco.

Chef Joshua is a firm believer of using the best and freshest ingredients available with an eye on responsible and sustainable harvesting.

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