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Old Havana Foods - Chefs Julian Crews & Betty Hogan

Tuesday, February 11 - 7:00-9:00pm

$24 per seat

Only 19 seats left

Location: 2121 N. Clybourn Ave.


The theme for the class is Get Your Mojo Working:

Seafood with Mojo Dipping Sauce
Cuban Roast Pork Shoulder (Paleta con Mojo Criollo)
Creamy Cuban - Inspired Polenta (Tamal en Cazuela)
Roast Pork Redux - Pressed Roast Pork and Ham Sandwiches (Media Noche)
Vanilla Flan


About the company:

At Old Havana Foods, we’re passionate about the culinary traditions of Cuba. Gathering loved ones around the table for spirited conversation, intoxicating music and wondrous food is a family tradition – dating back generations. And today, we’re bringing that rich heritage to food lovers across the globe.

Our versatile Sautéed Seasonings (Sofrito and Chili Cubano) and lightly seasoned Black Beans make it easy to prepare artisan dishes at home - from Latin classics like Arroz con Pollo to American and Mediterranean favorites such as Sweet and Zesty Pulled Pork, Creamy Polenta and many more. Old Havana Foods is the secret to flavorful cooking.


About the chefs:
Julian Crews – when he is not out hawking his company’s all natural, gluten free sautéed seasonings and black beans, Crews can be found reporting the news for WGN-TV. Son of Cuban immigrants, Crews’ dream of launching a specialty food company began on the island of Cuba itself when he was on assignment covering an Illinois trade delegation of government and business leaders. After tasting a hotel’s version of the classic Cuban black beans Crews realized that they did even come close to the flavor of those from his treasured family recipes. And the idea of marketing Cuban food began to simmer. Crews put his plan into action and in late 2008 launched Old Havana

Betty Hogan – author of the blog Live To Eat, Hogan is passionate about all things food-related. Daughter of Cuban immigrants, Hogan serendipitously met Crews after hearing him on the radio being interviewed about the upcoming launch of Old Havana Foods. A food industry junkie, Hogan has worked in the bakery, coffee and meat categories of the business helping foodservice operators, consumer packaged goods manufacturers and retailers increase sales. If she’s not in the kitchen cooking up a new recipe, she’s either Yelping about an establishment she visited or reading about new ones she wants to try.


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