Treasure Island Foods

Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Treasure Island Foods recognizes the connection between a flourishing community and its successful businesses. Giving back plays a vital role in the Treasure Island culture.

Every year, Treasure Island receives many requests for donations to your favorite charities and benefits. In order to process these requests efficiently, we ask that you mail, fax or email the details and requirements to:


Treasure Island Food
Donation Requests
3460 N. Broadway
Chicago, Illinois 60657
fax: 773.327.6337


Donation Criteria:

  1. Treasure Island Foods will consider donations and sponsorships for neighborhood events and neighborhood organizations if your organization's primary focus is on the Arts, Education, Preventative Health and Wellness, Hunger Relief or Environmental Preservation. We are not able to consider individuals.
  2. Donations are limited to one per year, per organization.
  3. Any request must include the completed Treasure Island Foods Donation Request form, the organization's mission statement on organization's letterhead; non-profit proof (501c3); a valid and current tax ID number; and the reason for the donation.
  4. Requests for donations must be made at least six weeks prior to event date in order for Treasure Island Foods to complete the screening process.
  5. Treasure Island Foods evaluates requests based on the following:

    • A clear description of the program or event.
    • Who or what will benefit by the program or event.
    • The type of donation or service requested, including sponsorships.
    • How Treasure Island Foods will be recognized.
    • No donation requests will be honored over the phone.

Please understand that we are not able to honor every request. Follow the simple guidelines and your organization will be considered for review. You will receive a letter, email or phone call when recognized for a donation.